Who is Upload Publishing?

Upload Publishing is lead by an experienced team of book publishing and printing veterans, lead by our co-founder and CEO, Tom Freiling. Tom is a new media marketing communications executive with broad-based experience in traditional and digital publishing, e-commerce, crowd funding, and social platforms. He’s the founder of multiple Internet start-ups with combined lifetime revenue of $100M, including one of the Internet’s first digital publishing platforms. Our President, Mike Klassen, has spent 20 years as a publisher, book coach, and author, working with NY Times bestselling authors with sales in the the millions.

Why should I choose Upload Publishing?

Our advanced technology drives your cost of publishing down and producer a higher-quality book. We can typeset and layout a 500-page professional trade book in 48-72 hours using a proprietary XML authoring and editing tool which seamlessly integrates with Microsoft WORD, and our prepress workflow processes have been automated to the fullest extent to achieve consistency of output and high efficiencies. We choose to work exclusively with the most experienced designers, editors, and printers.

Who are your business partners?

We collaborate with industry-leading firms Adobe, IBM, ZenDesk.com, Apple and Microsoft. We work with the world’s leading digital book manufacturer, and we have marketing and distribution agreements with a host of organizations, including Ingram Distributors and Amazon.com.

I’m not very tech-savvy. Can I still work with you?

If you can click (or tap) FREE SIGNUP and complete our Upload Submission Form, you’re good to go! We take care of all technical aspects of publishing your book. Our authors receive an an initial 30-minute telephone consultation, after which we will communicate with you by email. We promise to reply to every email within 24-48 hours. Writing a book is hard work. We make the rest easy!


How does your prepress production work?

Our production system is linked directly to an internal tracking system, which enables staff to view the exact movement of all jobs and projects moving through the pipeline and to generate production reports based on a range of criteria. The tracking system also stores all of the core information that is required for automatic proofing to authors.


Who will distribute and sell my eBook?

Currently there are more than 50 eBook sellers in our network including Amazon.com and BarnesandNoble.com. Every time we add a new eBook partner, your eBook is added to their distribution network at no cost.

What is on-demand publishing?

On-demand publishing means exactly what it implies: books are printed only as they are ordered. We use digital technology to store and print your book electronically. That means we print books only as the market demands them, removing the need to warehouse books. We can print a 500-page book in less than one minute, in any quantity, even one book at a time, fulfilling orders fast.

How much do I pay for copies of my book?

Your cost to purchase books is based on your book’s page count, as follows:

  • 100 to 150 pages = $4.25 per copy
  • 151 page to 200 pages = $5.25 per copy
  • 201 pages to 250 pages = $5.75 per copy
  • 250 pages to 300 pages = $6.50 per copy
  • 301 pages to 350 pages = $7.25 per copy
  • 351 pages to 400 pages = $7.75 per copy

There is a 10% discount for orders between 250 and 500 copies, and a 15% discount for orders between 500 and 1,000 copies. Please ask for special volume pricing if you want to print more than 1,000 copies. Shipping fees are additional.

How much is shipping?

Shipping costs vary by weight and distance, per UPS rates. Generally speaking you pay from .25 to .50 per book. We charge only the actual amount UPS charges us. There are no handling fees.

What trim sizes, paper stock, and binding types do you use?

You can choose from more than 10 popular trim sizes, from a very small book of 4.37 x 7” to a large format of 8.5 x 11”. It’s your choice! We use a high-quality paper  in crème or white, and you can publish your book as a hardcover or paperback book with a high gloss or matte laminate cover (there is a one-time additional fee of $150 for a hardcover book).

Do you print color inside your books?

No. The interior of our books is printed in black and white. We cannot print color inside your book.

Can I include graphic, pictures, images, charts, maps, or other illustrations inside my book?

Yes. There is a $15 fee for the placement of each image inside your book. This fee is imposed because your book will need to be manually typeset as our automated processes cannot accommodate this procedure. Your images MUST be provided per our required specifications. Click here for Interior Image Specifications.

How long will it take to publish my book?

Generally, it takes less than 90 days to get your book published and ready to order, after you provide a full edited and proofread manuscript. We offer a RUSH service if you need your book faster. The RUSH services places your book at the “top of the stack” for a one-time additional fee of $350.

Who owns the rights to my book?

You! Our Publishing Services Agreement is author-friendly and allows you to take your book to another publisher if you so desire. Just let us know in writing. We own zero rights to your book.

What’s my royalty for copies sold, and how often do I get paid?

We pay you up to 100% of all the funds we receive for the sale of you book, minus the cost to print your book. Royalty reports are delivered quarterly by mail, by the 15th, along with a check. Your first royalty report is mailed during the 3rd month after your book is first published.

Do I get a chance to review the book before it goes to press?

Absolutely! We will post online both the text (a galley) and the book cover design (a cover comp) for your review. You are free to make any changes, alterations, and edits. We charge a one-time fee of $50 for additional changes, alterations, or edits after the “first round” and $50 for each additional round.

How many books do I have to purchase?

There is never a minimum purchase. You are NOT obligated to purchase a single additional book. We don’t bankrupt authors by demanding they purchase lots of books. We’ll print and ship your order, in any quantity, in 3-5 business days.

Is Upload a “vanity” publisher?

No. Vanity publishers will charge you thousands of dollars to print a truckload of books, which they will not help you sell or distribute. We use technology to keep your costs down, allowing you to buy books only as you need them and we make your book available for distribution to bookstores and online worldwide. We want to help you sell books!

Will bookstores stock my book on their shelves?

It’s up to each individual store, based solely on demand. We can’t promise stores will stock your book. But most bookstores in the country will be able to search for, find, and order your book on-demand through our distribution network.

Who owns the copyright to my book?

You. We do not own the rights to your book. Your name will appear as the official owner of the copyright inside your book. You may want to file for copyright protection with the U.S. Copyright Office (we will not file this for you). We will, however, assign your book a unique ISBN, but this numeric code does not mean or imply that we own the copyright.

Will my book be listed with Amazon.com?

Yes! Your book will be listed on Amazon.com so that hundreds of millions of readers can view and purchase your book. You’ll be able to post your own review, check on sales rankings, and even link your own website.

 Who determines the retail price of my book?

The retail price is determined by your book’s page count. We post our (suggested) retail prices on our website. The retail price is imbedded (hidden) in the bar code, so retailers will know how to price your book. But the price is not printed on your book. This way you may offer your book at whatever price you choose. We reserve the right to change our retail prices based on market conditions, but frankly that would be a rare occurrence.

How do I pay for copies I purchase?

We accept checks, money orders, and all major credit cards. We do not invoice authors for books purchased. Payment must be made when your order is placed. Orders paid by personal check may take 4-5 days longer to process.

Will my book have an ISBN?

Yes. Your book will be assigned the International Standard Book Number required by book sales channels to track and order your books. In addition, Upload will place a machine-readable EAN bar code on your book’s cover. Without this, bookstores can’t order copies of your book.

Do you publish books for authors who live outside the US?

Yes, if you live outside the US we can help publish your book. We don’t accept checks from banks outside the United States of America.